Threshold Choir

The Smithers Threshold Singers offer the gift of song to people who are seriously ill, dying or grieving. Their songs are simple messages of love and kindness. When invited, a small group of 2 – 6 volunteers will come sing at the bedside in private homes, hospitals, and other care facilities Their songs are rounds, hymns, spirituals or other a cappella music from a variety of traditions.

Smithers Threshold Singers honour all spiritual paths and have no religious affiliation. Their quiet, tender singing is meant to soothe, comfort and bring peace. Their service is a gift; there is no charge.

For more information or to request their gift of service, please contact them by phone or email.

Contact: Toby Coupe

Due to COVID19 our services are suspended until further notice.
For more information please contact BVHS.

Contact Toby Coupe

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